Community Association Insurance Program

Americana Centre Condominium

Certificate of Insurance Request Instructions


Information Needed to Request a Certificate of Insurance

To request a certificate of insurance, please provide the following information available in order to fulfill your request:

  1. Name of the condominium, cooperative, or homeowners association
  2. Full name(s) of the borrower(s)/purchaser(s)
  3. A complete unit or street address of the property being financed, including the city, state, and zip code
  4. Complete name of the lender
  5. Lender’s loss payee information/mortgagee clause
  6. Lender’s complete address, including city, state, and zip code
  7. Lender’s loss payee position (please include 1st Mortgagee, 2nd Mortgagee, )
  8. The borrower’s loan number (and Escrow Number if Closing Agent is initiating, the request)


Communicating Your Request

Option#1  Email Request:

Email the Certificate of Insurance Request to:

Option#2:  Facsimile Request:

Fax the Certificate of Insurance Request to: 1-610-362-8377

Our turnaround time is between 48-72 hours.